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KURVE magazine features ''I miss the lively hearing aids'' in the July 2019 issue. Abstract textile featuring original poetry capturing the essence of family tradition, of visiting family at weekends in South Shields:

''The throng of family to a child is indeed a most wonderful thing. I miss the lively hearing aids, busy pinnies serving homemade bakes. Wispy chins of a bygone age. Lipsticks chattering, high-pitched squeals. Bottom drawers, precious things. White tablecloths, handmade, decorative lace. Linen napkins to be placed. Silverware adorning a table laid. Crystal jugs housing milk and cream. Perfumed roses holding centre stage. The ticking of Time as we embrace the auld folks of Shields''.

Textile wall hanging created from recycled materials using traditional techniques of quilted applique and patchwork panelling, embellished in light reflective beads, buttons and sequins. Beautiful patterned fabrics capturing Summer. From the Abstract Seasonals range in The Natural Collection.



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