'beneath the folds with Christine Cunningham' is a monthly blog written for mrxstitch magazine. I explore:   Unusual Materials - Plastics and Found Objects in Art

 3D Textiles - Padded Structures and Surface Contouring 

 3D Textiles - Hollow Structures and Surface Contouring

 Capturing the Essence of a Subject in Buttons

 Religious Icons

 Surface Embellishment - Beads and Sequins

 Using Wool to Embellish Textile Art

 Capturing the Essence of Springtime in Textile Art

 Nostalgic Poetry - Hand Embroidery in Textile Art

 Abstract Flower Design in Textile Art

 Capturing the Essence of Summertime

 Abstract Beach

 Abstract Autumn

 Abstract India

 A Festive Window

 How to Create a Textile Easter Egg

 Framed Structure


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